Servocell, Low Powered Locking Solutions

Audit Trail and Security Monitoring capability

  • Record data on the key owner, time, date and frequency of lock/unlock activity
  • Locks programmed to allow access at specified times only

Easy installation

  • Purposely designed to retrofit or integrate with existing lock applications
  • Small and discrete enough for most enclosure types
    Compatible with many standard door and drawer preparation

Key management simplified

  • Lost or missing keys? no problem ? iButton? Access Control option provides simple, re-programmable key management

For Networked or Standalone applications

  • Central, Multiple or Independent lock control via 5-12v trigger voltage or integral battery

Strong and Resilient

  • Approximately 800N pull load resistance
  • Highly reliable Solid State construction

Economical and 'Eco-Friendly'

  • Independent unit requires little maintenance
  • Tested to over 350,000 operations on one replaceable battery